Ship Excess Baggage

Avoid Excess Baggage Fees with saving yourself money.

With airlines increasing their baggage fees by at least €15.00 per item this summer, don’t be caught out, ship the extra special things you bought on holidays, home by using

Avoid Excess Baggage Fees leaving Dublin Airport

So to avoid the hassle, the worry and the price shock when you check in your baggage leaving Dublin Airport, not to mind the cost of buying an extra suitcase – use

Use our worldBOX branded boxes for your Excess Baggage:
By utilising are worldBOX service, you can order one of our large boxes to your hotel, short-stay, AirBnB or apartment, pack all your holiday treasures inside and then we come back around to collect it and ship it to arrive home when you do.

We come to you to collect your Excess Baggage

With our door to door service, we can also send your precious luggage home from your holiday safely and at a lower cost than the airlines.
It’s simple; ask at your hotel reception do they stock the worldBOX service or book your worldBOX directly through our website now, no account needed.
We’ll take care of everything from there while you fly in comfort and hassle free.

We’ll deliver directly to your home – no waiting around the airport to collect your items.
You can track your baggage at any time to check up on the status of your delivery through our website or contact us at our Dublin Head-office on 01 884 9590.
So ditch the excess baggage by shipping with
We ship excess baggage worldwide to over 220 Destinations, including Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle east.

For more information you can call us on 01 884 9590 or ,check us out on Facebook or Twitter.