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Q: What is worldBOX?

worldBOX is simply the best answer to your International shipping service requirements. We do all the hard work, simply pick your free pre-priced box and we will deliver and collect from your home or office for free. There are no hidden charges.

Q: How do I order my worldBOX?

Simply go online to and book your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pick one up in any of the 71 Topaz and 23 Tesco stores located here on our interactive map: Where is my local Topaz and Tesco worldBOX Stockist?

Q: What countries do you ship to?

We ship to over 220 destinations worldwide.

Q: What box sizes are available?

WorldBOX is available in 4 sizes – 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.
The dimensions of each worldBOX are as follows:

  • 2kg- 350 mm x 470 mm
  • 5kg- 38cm length x 30cm width x 16cm depth
  • 10kg- 47cm length x 37cm width x 17cm depth
  • 20kg- 60cm length x 40cm width x 32cm depth

It is important that you chose the correct size worldBOX for your requirements. The weight and dimensions should not exceed the design of our product. This can cause added charges by the Airline/Agents. This is passed on to the customer.

Q: How do I get a quote?

Go to our homepage and scroll down to the calculator. Choose your location, box size and delivery destination of your worldBOX. We will give you a free quotation before you order.

Q: What does the quote include?

Everything, there are no hidden charges. Your quote includes the box, your delivery, collection and shipping costs.

Q: How is the price calculated?

The price is calculated by the size of the worldBOX and the destination.

Q: Will I have to pay customs charges?

This is unpredictable and is at the discretion of Local Customs in the destination country. If charges are imposed, the recipient is liable and all charges will need to be paid before the release of the worldBOX. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to get involved in the process.

Q: How and when do I pay?

Payment is made through our User friendly “Stripe” Payment system which takes all Debit and Credit Card. We can accept ‘Cash’ payments however this needs to be organised through our Customer Service team on 01 884 9590. Receipts are always issued for cash transactions.

Q: When will I receive my box-Dublin area and “Select Locations” as per the website?

If you order before 8pm, you will receive your empty worldBOX for packing within a 24 hours of ordering. If for some reason you cannot be there at the time you nominate your worldBOX can be left in a “safe place”.

Q: When will I receive my box - Nationwide service?

If your collection/delivery address is not in the Dublin Postal District and Select Locations as per the website, we cannot offer you the same 24 hour drop / collect experience. However we can send you a worldBOX via a Nationwide carrier. Delivery will be made within 72 business hours. Once you have filled your worldBOX you can book collection via phone or website. Collection will be made within 72 business hours. International Transit times commence on export from Dublin and are subject to ‘Customs Clearance’. Please note these are estimated and can vary from Country to Country. If you would like to call us on 01-884-9590 we can explain further.

Q: When will my worldBOX be collected?

You choose the day and time you would like your filled worldBOX to be collected from you. Our driver will contact you with a collection time.

Q: Where can I pick up a worldBOX?

You can pick one up in any of the 71 Topaz and 23 Tesco stores located here on our interactive map: My local Topaz /Tesco worldBOX Stockist

Q: I bought my worldBOX in Topaz / Tesco. What do I do next?

  • On our homepage tick the ‘Did you buy  @  Topaz/ Tesco’ box in the calculator section
  • Select the box size you have purchased, collection area (this is where you want us to come to pick up the filled worldBOX) and destination country for delivery
  • Once your worldBOX is filled, pick a time that suits you to have your worldBOX collected
  • As we do not charge for the worldBOX, the €5.00 you paid at Topaz is refunded  at the checkout online.
  • We will e-mail you with your worldBOX tracking number. You can track your delivery on
  • Be sure to complete your proforma invoice and make sure your worldBOX is securely packed. You can follow these Handy tips to pack your worldBOX.

Q: How should I pack the contents of my worldBOX?

Each item should be packed carefully, preferably in the original box with original packaging and then placed with the worldBOX. If this is not possible, please pack to equivalent standards to ensure the safe transit of the goods. Please seal your worldBOX with sellotape or stronger robust tape for its journey, if we need to secure your worldBOX with more tape on its arrival to our depot, we will. Please refer to our blog piece on tips to pack your worldBOX for further instructions and guidelines Handy tips to pack your worldBOX.

Q: What is the maximum weight and dimensions of the boxes?

2kgs pillow bag – 350 mm x 470 mm
5kgs box – 38cm length x 30cm width x 16cm depth
10kgs box – 47cm length x 37cm width x 17cm depth
20kgs box – 60cm length x 40cm width x 32cm depth

Please always pick the appropriate size worldBOX for your items and ensure not to alter the box shape as you pack, the lids must close flat and the worldBOX must not be bulging as this causes the worldBOX to extend beyond its prescribed design and size which means it cannot travel at the price quoted. The same must be said for the weights, any worldBOX that weighs over the designated weight assigned to each worldBOX (2kg – 5kg – 10kg – 20kg) may be subject to an overweight price per extra kg, should you have any queries customer service on 01 884 9590 can help you.

Q: What happens if I have an item that is over the weight/size limit?

If the weight of the box exceeds the box size purchased an additional charge will apply. Alternatively, items can be removed to reduce the weight.

Q: Are there items I cannot send?

Yes please refer to our extensive Prohibited Items guide. This is not an exhausted list. Please note LIQUID (of any kind including water, alcohol, gels, cosmetics, creams, aftershaves and perfumes) are prohibited will not travel in a worldBOX. Any prohibited items removed from a worldBOX before export can be collected from our Dublin warehouse or returned to sender for a fee. Failure to claim items within 30 days will be disposed of. A fee may apply.

Q: How long will delivery take of my worldBOX?

Please see transit times on the home page for all Destinations. All transit times are estimated and are not guaranteed. These are subject to Airport Security and Customs Clearance.

Q: What happens if I miss the driver?

We can leave your worldBOX in safe place where possible. Alternatively you can contact customer service on +353-1-884 9590 to rearrange. We will make 2 attempts at delivery/collection which are included in the initial cost of your worldBOX. Any delivery/collection attempts after that will be subject to a fee.

Q: What happens if I want to change my booking?

Email with your WB tracking number, destination and details of the changes.

Q: Do you collect at the weekend?

Yes, Saturday Delivery & Collections can take place between 8.00am – 2.00pm.

Q: The driver never turned up to collect my worldBOX, what do I need to do?

Email with your WB tracking number, destination and a member of our team will contact you.

Q: Can I book collections over the phone?

Yes, Customer Service phone no. +353-1-884 9590.

Q: My worldBOX was damaged on delivery, what do I need to do?

Email with your WB tracking number, destination and details of the damages.

Q: Do I get proof of collection/receipt from the driver?

No, you will receive an email confirming purchase via our website.

Q: Can I track my worldBOX?

Yes, click Track Your Parcel on the worldBOX website. You will receive your tracking number on your email once payment has been made. Please note we do not receive up to date scans on all stops en route to the final destination on our website.

Q: Is my worldBOX Insured?

Yes. Insurance will not exceed €35.00 for our 2kg envelope and €150.00 for our 5kgs, 10kgs & 20kgs worldBOX’s. If you wish to increase the value of the Insurance on your worldBOX please call 01 884 9590 to have Customer Service discuss this with you or email us your query on

Q: Can I cancel my worldBOX order?

Yes, you may cancel your worldBOX order at anytime.

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