J1 Visa Programme 2016

J1 Work and Travel Visa Programme 2016- Tears and Cheers

Yes, it’s that time of year again, J1 Visa time, the time when thousands of third level students get to experience living and working abroad in the USA thanks to the J1 Work and Travel Visa Programme. It is also the time of year when parents get to experience sleepless nights, loneliness and financial ruin.

In many cases it is the J1ers first experience of being self-sufficient, opening a bank account, paying rent, managing finances and holding down a full-time job. Bonds that that last a life time are formed, a new sense of independence is created and lessons are learned that will never be forgotten.

There are even some unsubstantiated reports of them keeping their bedrooms tidy after the experience!

While they are enjoying the experience that a J1 Visa affords them and the parties and the road trips, parents hope that they will return home safe and sound and God forbid a little more mature. In reality every parent will settle for safe and sound.

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