Are you moving house or moving abroad? worldBOX has you covered! We will ship your personal belongings nationally or internationally and make sure it is transported safely and securely.

Whether you are moving within Ireland or abroad worldBOX can provide you with the service you need. worldBOX provide pre-priced shipping and free boxes up to 20KG, but if you need to send something bigger you can get in touch with us and hopefully we can help you out.

worldBOX 5kg SmallworldBOX 10kg MediumworldBOX 20kg Large

Packing tips

  • Use the right size boxes – pack heavy items in small boxes and the lighter stuff in the bigger boxes.
  • Don’t leave empty gaps in the boxes. Fill all spaces with soft items like clothes. This will prevent your belongings from moving around while in transit.
  • Tape the boxes well, wrap tape around the boxes a few times.

Always pack a ‘WEEK 1’ box. This consists of all the essentials you need to keep you going while you unpack all your other boxes. This prevents the mess that will occur while you rummage through 30 boxes to find a fresh pair of socks!

We know moving can be tricky and we want to help.

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