Prohibited Items with worldBOX

…… or what not to send Johnny in his worldBOX

The list of prohibited items gets larger every year, this is a reaction to the security challenges of air travel but sometimes it’s just pure common sense!

So here is the common sense bit, if it can spill, break, explode or be used as a weapon don’t put it in your worldBOX and no Grannies knitted mittens do not constitute a weapon!!

By being a bit creative you can avoid prohibited items and still amaze your loved one with your thoughtfulness. All without causing a major international incident! Here are just a few examples;

No holy water, whiskey or petrol but feel free to send the Barry’s tea bags.

No sausages, black pudding or liver but worldBOX loves delivering Tayto crisps and Rich Teas.

Liquid makeup, aerosols or paint remover will not be dispatched but their

Pennies PJ’s, Christmas jumpers and Christmas stocking will get there safely.

Absolutely no guns, knives or explosives, why not take the safe option and send a copy of War and Peace (I always thought that book was a bit of a weapon!).

For the record here are the top 10 prohibited items which result in your worldBOX not being shipped;

  1. Electrical items
  2. Batteries
  3. Make Up
  4. Liquid
  5.  Razors
  6.  Glass
  7. Tools
  8.  Laptops
  9.  Medicines
  10. Knives

Just for the fun of it here are the 5 maddest (prohibited) things that people tried to ship in a worldBOX;

  1. Sex Toys (various!)
  2. A meat Cleaver
  3. Animal Bones
  4. A stuffed rabbit
  5.  A blender

A full list of prohibited items is available to download at but you can also contact us on or on 01 8849590 if you have any concerns. If you  pack a prohibited item and it is discovered here through inspection at the worldBOX office you will be required to collect it yourself personally as it will not be allowed travel.