Send a parcel to your loved one in the Gaeltacht

                 “Ta siad ag teacht”

If you live in one of the many Gaeltacht area of the country this is the week you are saying “ ta na la breas ag teacht” this is normally accompanied with a rueful smile and a rolling of the eyes to heaven.

If on the other hand you are an urban dweller this is the week that you ship your offspring off to learn a “bit of Irish” in a beautiful Gaeltacht region. They are left to the tender mercies of the “bean an ti” who are famous for running a tight ship. As they head off on the bus you can easily spot the difference between the first timers and the hardy annuals and the exact same thing can be said of the parents.

During this experience parents should prepare themselves for the odd lonely phone call and best of all a few compliments. You can smile contently as you are told “God, Mum I miss your cooking”. For most other things they miss from home there is

Available on line and in Topaz garages you can ship a box full of home comforts for only €12. takes all the hassle out of shipping.

So make the Gealtacht a happy place with worldBOX.