Shipping Books

Shipping Books: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are selling books online, participate in a book exchange or are sending a book as a gift; learning the correct way to package and send a book can save you much time and money. At worldBOX, our passion is shipping and we want to help you send your parcels wherever they need to go.

Sending Books with worldBOX.

Depending on the type of book you are sending there are different materials you will need. Ensuring your book is properly packaged is important to prevent any damages that may occur in transit. If you have bought your book new, then the last thing you want is your item to turn up blemished or ripped.

Packaging Materials:


Bubble Wrap

Packaging tape

WorldBOX Proforma Invoice


To Pack your Book:

Paperback: If you are sending a paperback book, all you need is our 2kg worldBOX small padded envelope to simply slide the book inside. The padded interior safeguards the book from any damaging knocks it may pick up as it travels and keeps your package small enough to fit through a letterbox.

Hardback: Hardback books tend to have dust jacket, using a small padded envelope greatly increases the chances of ripping the dust jacket. When you send a hardback we recommend you utilise our larger worldBOX boxes.

Large Books: For larger books such as text books, reference books and cooking books; use our larger worldBOX boxes that will comfortably fit your item. Some books will fit comfortably inside the box and need only a single layer of packaging paper or bubble wrap to keep it in a pristine condition.

Once you have filled your box, simply use tape to close the box up. We recommend that you use one big strip to secure the seam and smaller strips on the sides of the top to prevent a book breakout.