Handy tips to help you pack your box

So, you have bought those all important gifts that you are sending to the other side of the world. Now you need to make sure they arrive in their destination in one piece. And that depends on how you pack your box!

It’s safe to say we have learned a few tricks of the trade over the years when it comes to packing boxes!

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Here is some useful information that will help you pack your box and reduce the risk of damage to your parcel:


  • Get the appropriate size worldBOX for your items. Choose a box that best fits all your items. You don’t want the items sliding around the box while it is in transit.


  • Tape the base of your box before you start to add the items.


  • Wrap items in a protective material. If you are delicate items going into the box be sure to protect them with bubble wrap or tissue paper. Once all your items are placed in the box, fill the gaps with bubble wrap or tissue paper. This will prevent the items moving around when in transit.


  • Prohibited items. Before you pack your box make sure there are no forbidden or hazardous items. Like glass, perishable items or liquids for example. We have provided you with a list of all prohibited items (with your proforma pack), if you are unsure about an item you can refer to the list or contact us on 01-8849590.


  • Seal the box with high quality tape. Once you are finished loading all your items into the box seal all the seams and edges. Add a few extra layers of tape just to be sure.


  • Fill out the Proforma. Make sure you put the full and correct receiver and return address on the proforma before you stick it on the top of the box. Also be sure to write the included items of the box, this is for customs.




So pack your box neatly, seal it well and let us take care of the rest!

If you have any further queries about your parcel please contact us on:

01-8849590 or email shout@worldbox.ie